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New french brand
New french brand
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Cork stopper specialist, MUNDIALCORK opens french branch.


MUNDIALCORK France, french branch of the Catalan cork stoppers manufacturer MUNDIAL CORK, specialized in the production of stoppers with 2 washers and technological stoppers for sparkling wines has just seen the light in Champagne. 


The opening of MUNDIAL CORK France allows to anchor with advantage the brand MUNDIAL CORK in the winery scenery of Champagne and especially to give a better service to their clients.



Started in the autumn of 2010, MUNDIAL CORK France is installed on the verge of the Reims population, in completely new facilities in the heart of the industrial area of MUIZON.


An election, based between other things, on the immediate proximity to the freeway A4 and the principal routes of communication, allowing this way a more rapid projection in the set of the area of production of champagne.


In their new facilities of 720m2, MUNDIAL CORK France has a permanent stock of as minimum 500 000 stoppers in an important scale of top qualities.


These stoppers are prepared to receive the personalized markings that the clients wish, after the surface treatment carried out 24 hours before the expedition.


Like this, the clients of MUNDIAL CORK France in Champagne insure themselves always of receiving a newly made stopper, as well as of a personalized product, whatever the volumes may be.


MUNDIAL CORK France provides the creation in phases of a half a dozen of direct jobs (commercial team, administrative service, technical – and distribution team …), creating further away an indirect local activity (transports, maintenance, services …)


This way, proximity, flexibility and reactivity, offer to the Champagne producers a long awaited and personalized answer to their needs of stopper supplies, always searching the "just-in-time" principle but also based on the incessant quality requirements. 



In Champagne, MUNDIAL CORK was already recognized but …: slightly well-known!


In effect, during more than 10 years MUNDIAL CORK has sold 700 million stoppers  in  Champagne through important distributors, acquiring this way a reputation of seriousness and quality, but without ever stepping ahead with their own brand.


Also, with this investment, MUNDIAL CORK establishes his presence in Champagne, and confirms the strategy of development of this 100% family company, proud of their independence of every group that acts on the sector.


The management of implantation of MUNDIAL CORK France received the active support of INVEST IN REIMS that, from 2004, takes as a mission to allow the installation of new companies, and consequently the jobs creation, in the set of the area of Reims.